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  • Better.
    Where does resurrection end and better begin, and are we willing to stay the course while the process unfolds?
  • Eleven
    How is He personally ordering Your story?
  • Where is Poppy?
    The biggest representation of love and hope can sometimes come in the most unexpected packages.
  • What have I done?
    Are you trusting the project owner to manage His work to completion, or lamenting the unfinished product?
  • Don’t fill the space.
    Are you allowing the space after the tough decision to live as just that? Space? Or are you compelled to fill the uncomfortable void?
  • It’s not about me.
    Could it be that it’s really not about us, but how God wants to use us as part of His wonderful plans?
  • Sometimes, it’s about the right thing being wrong.
    Is the life you’re living His good, or His best?
  • It was only a candle.
    What parts of your life have been constructed by lies believed as a result of trauma?
  • Mourn like Hannah
    Mourning is critical for moving forward. Feel it. Until you don’t need to feel it anymore.
  • What’s your muscle memory?
    What is your muscle memory? What is your natural response to pain, joy, heartache?
  • Don’t Ignore the Pangs
    When 20/20 vision isn’t good enough to see things clearly, you have to dig a little deeper.

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